Sharpen the Axe

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” – Abraham Lincoln.

In this session you will have a chance to ‘sharpen your axe’ with a range of useful tips and tricks to not only make you more efficient in the use of your device, but also a focus on Web Apps, Chrome Extensions and Google App Add-ons. The session is presented in a gamified format with activities that you could use in your classroom tomorrow.

Session Resources:

Mac apps & Web Apps

Join Google Classroom: Code = zx0gkmh

Google Quiz – Set your Machine up like a Mega start

Slick shortcuts: Try each one

Team Kahoot – Slick Shortcuts

Web Apps/extensions/addons: Install/try at least 1 new to you (share with group?). If you have used any of those add ons/extensions (or others) and you think it’s awesome – add a comment to the Google Classroom

Web apps, Extensions and Add-ons Individual Kahoot

If time…Quizlet live team challenge