Exploring Deep Learning with Derek Wenmoth

Shallow? Surface? Deep?

“.. the worl has been focused on developing basic literacy and numeracy skills.” (Fullan, M., & Quinn, J. (2016). CoherenceThe Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts, and Systems. Corwin Thousand Oaks.)

Recommended reading: Fullan, M. (2013). Stratosphere: Integrating technology, pedagogy, and change knowledge. Pearson Canada.

Hierarchical models of leadership can’t adapt to change fast enough – need new ways of leadership.

Surface -> Deep -> Transform

Pre-requisites for leading changed

  1. Moral purpose (Why/Mission statement)
  2. Understanding of change process (e.g. learning pit idea)
  3. Focus on relationships
  4. Knowledge building (as opposed to transmitting)
  5. Coherence making

New pedagogies for Deep Learning

“Sometimes good instruction is not just about what you can add, but what you can remove to allow deeper learning to happen”

Deepen the content and deepen the process.

Recommended reading: Fullan, M., & Langworthy, M. (2014). A rich seam: How new pedagogies find deep learning. MaRS Discovery District.

Technology: Elegantly efficient and easy to use.

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