World without order – Citizenship through Minecraft

Campbell Potter shared his use of Minecraft with Y9 Social Studies classes. I’ve experimented with this in the past but haven’t got past the intricacies of setting this up with multiple platforms and paid for accounts. Here the technical setup you need in order to have students interact in a shared world/realm:

Two Options:
1) Paid for Minecraft apps ($10 for mobile) with mobile devices then set up Realm on mobile-but only 10 users at a time in the realm

2) Paid for accounts (lap top and mobile) and run on laptop with the Minecraft app (unlimited number in the realm)

Minecraft Education (
Possible free alternative is Mine test (

Structure of unit – Orion Prime

1) Set up an undeveloped ‘realm’

2) Have a government and divide class into ‘Ministries’

3) Ministries organise Work team plans for the two teams of 4 (8 in total) to complete within an agree time period.
4) Learning comes from reflection via Seesaw on their experience based around citizenship:

Other ideas
Work individually to design machines, build tools and buildings related to unit of study


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