The innovation stream – interdisciplinary innovation at Howick College

Student’s choose to go into Innovation Stream (other options are Sport in Education, Learning Support etc)

Focus on the 6 C’s which is the content. Context are the subjects e.g. Maths, Science etc.

Similar structure to TBC’s Inquiry programme (15/25 hours in IS). A term per unit: Eg Housing Crisis, Transport and Technology, Future of food and food systems, Colony development.

No Learning Intentions or Success Criteria, each session starts with a Learning Spark.

Some push back from other subject areas about content coverage in the Innovation Stream.

Reporting involves the 6C’s as well content assessment.

Neat idea for designing a lander and a rover for an ‘eggstranaut’. Needed to survive a 7 m drop then roll down a ramp. Had to do physics calculations etc.

Edge projects (Living on the Edge of one’s competencies)  – similar to passion projects.


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