Digital portfolios with Kern Kelly

Notes for workshop

Link to resources with Kern Kelly

Logistics – student account

Idea for CoL – have one GAFE account for student. Stays with them until they leave. Kern’s school district buys a Domain name for each student and uploads all their work.

Whitelist domains so that students can transfer from intermediate domain to secondary domain

Also paid for service with Backupify

Google Takeout or Transfer (move data to a different Google account) or Cloudgopher (paid for service)

Students digitise work

SD card with wireless connection – (Eyefi) automatically upload to cloud album. Can do the same thing with an iPad and Google Photos (shared album)

Go from handwritten to digital with Rocketbook. Draw then scan with App to upload.

Intermediate students up should do it themselves, younger need help.

With group math problem solving, students upload their work (rather than teacher). Student do the heavy lifting.

Use a Google Sheet for students to add links to for required work.


Showcase web site – students choose their best pieces of work. Example from a student.

25 books – Google Books. Create a My library then add shelves. Add a shelf for each year to show how many books they have read in that year. Could also use Goodreads as that has a reading challenge.

Keep up to date with What’s New – Google.

Use students as tech support. See example of TechSherpas. Set up so teachers can fill in a form with query, students will prepare a how to video that shows them the solution within a week.

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