Keynote – Jamie Casap

EdTechTeam has expanded it’s offering of Summits to three in NZ. This is the third one I have attended in Auckland and they are also great value and a good chance to connect with other like minded educators.

Here’s my notes from the opening Keynote.

Link to photo’s from the Summit

Link to summit website

Keynote notes

Link to Jamie’s twitter profile

“Education disrupts poverty”

“The impact of a teacher goes on for generations”

We’ve had tech for generations (movies in 1900s, TV in 1950s, Computers in 1970s). Now we understand the science of learning AND technology is part of our daily lives.

Generation Z – just go and learn, we needed some one to teach us.

Tech is changing our world

Skills needed in a technology world.

Source – The Economist

What problem do you want to solve?

Iteration is the result of critical thinking. Don’t assess with a grade, that is feedback that doesn’t help the student get to the next level.

Collaboration is how problems are solved.

Convert information into intelligence.

Original Google servers


Google Servers now

Current latest technology is the worst technology a 5 year old will ever now.

Remember these? My first type of phone.

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